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Javafit was founded in 2003 by Scott Pumper. This company is one of a kind, unlike your usual network marketing companies their products being potions and pills Javafit flagship product is coffee. Not just your plain bland coffee but coffee with actual health benefits.

Javafit's coffee blend consists of vitamins and minerals. The business model makes a lot of sense enjoying some great tasting coffee while taking your vitamins.This sure beats a Starbucks coffee any day. Imagine drinking coffee knowing that your body is getting vitamins that it actually needs.

Javafit has a great product line coming out even Java Latte's. Javafit owns their on roasting plan located in Florida. This is where they get the finest coffee beans from all regions, where each all coffee beans are roasted, grinded and produced for great taste and nutritional benefits.

Javafit has been on many broadcast stations. Showing off their fantastic product not only can you get your vitamins from this coffee but actual lose weight.They have special blends that will help you fight off body fat.Now this is what I call a "Coffee"

Is Javafit A Scam?

Javafit is far from a scam they make quality coffee and have a great business opportunity where you can make a great income.

How Does Javafit Pay Their Distributors?

Javafit has a lucrative business opportunity where you can make an amazing income.You get paid off the people who actual buy coffee from you. Since this is a network marketing company you will get paid off the people who you actually recruit.

JavaFit has a binary compensation plan with earnings coming from retail sales,and affiliate leadership bonuses. The more consumers who buy your coffee or the bigger team you build the more money you make. "Point Blank".

How Do You Build A Successful Business In Javafit?

Well most people in the network marketing are failing simple because they don't know how to market. A lot of people when they join a business like Javafit with a great product and compensation plan they tend to harass family and friends. Are You Kidding Me?

No one in the network marketing industry has true success by only relying on recruiting family and friends. If you truly want to maximize Javafit's compensation and build a team bigger than your imagination you absolutely must become a marketing master.

Marketing is what is going to explode your bank account in Javafit.This is the simple formula to making as much money you want in any company. 

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